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Erlend Bakke here founder of crossing off  another thing on my bucket list here which is going to the statue of Liberty  and  the inside is actually crown of Statue, let me see here this is the head  right here alright.

Today I’m at the perfect place for everybody that is into freedom the Statue of Liberty right here and you’ll see that I was just inside that true crown if you go inside that her head you can also go on the torch but does not opening in a little while. But what an amazing Statue to see when you are driving in New York imagine 200 years ago and you are arriving to the promise land the country of freedom. You see the statue of Liberty that has been such an amazing journey.  It’s kinda like when you start your first company and you so inspired and you want so many things to happen for you. This is another thing of my bucket list I’m crossing off going to Statue of Liberty the statue of freedom and liberty

Its amazing experienced so I really recommend you go inside the crown spit tight, squeeze up there what an amazing experienced. Erlend Bakke here signing out from beautiful Liberty Island, Thank you and Bye bye!