2.1With so many articles coming out expounding the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, many are enticed to try their luck in the internet rather than in the conventional brick-and-mortar business. Unfortunately, it does not take very long for these would-be businessmen before they give up. They feel the whole thing is just a waste of time since they still have to see their first dime come in after months of expectations.

Just like in any business venture, patience plus a big dose of motivation are key ingredients for success. This article hopes to give you a better chance in your online business. Read on.

Equipped with the patience and determination needed, you must face the whole project with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Temper your expectations. Unless you hit the grand prize in a lottery, do not dream of raking in money instantly from your online business, for any kind of business for that matter.

Allow enough time for your business to get enough traction before you could start pushing it onward. This may take time, longer for others than for some, depending on the preparations you make before embarking to your project. Here the steps you should take:

2.1• First step: you must think of the product or service to sell online. Choose the one that interests you personally. Your built-in passion for the project will boost your enthusiasm to share it with others. Passion must be your priority over profit.

• Second step: Take stocks of your strength. What are the skills you already possess or that which you could develop to help you run the business? For example, if you are into photography, do you have the artistic flare to take eye-catching photographs? Or do you have the natural eye for beauty? How about the equipment required for photography, are they available to you? In case you opt to try the culinary business, do have a gift for cooking? You need not have a lot of recipes up your sleeve but maybe you know of some delicious ones unique to your locality or to your family. Make sure you have the cooking paraphernalia for the job, etc.

• Third step: Go to the niche relevant to the subject you are interested in. By doing this, you can immediately pinpoint the people that share your interest. These are your prospective customers. Review the comments on the niche you are interested in (for example: on cooking or photography). These feedbacks from readers will give you a clear idea of what is selling and how many are the prospective buyers.

2.1• Fourth step: Make further research and learn from those already in the same business what problems to expect and how they could be resolved. See if you could handle them or you would need mentors to guide you along the way.

• Fifth step: Draw up a marketing strategy on how to compete in the niche you have chosen. You need not be bothered too much competition. There is always a market for a business that is just a shade better than the rest. A good example of this is the fried chicken or the hamburger market. Despite the mushrooming of their outlets, some manage to excel more than the others. If you are into writing, coming out with short but amusingly written articles may outsell those long and too formal ones of well-established authors.

• Finally, advertise yourself: Connect to others business ventures through social media and off- line venues or by word-of-mouth method with friends. Tell the market, nay the whole world, that your business exists. Promotion is a vital step for your online to prosper fast.

These 6 simple steps may unravel to you some of the mysteries about being successful online entrepreneur. Good luck!