Regardless of the kind or size of the business set-up, it can benefit much from outsourcing. Outsourcing is basically the obtaining the services of an outside agency to perform tasks that is normally done by an individual businessmen or by the regular office work force of a company.

A great advantage of outsourcing is that it frees up lots of time for businessmen or for a company to concentrate on other areas or jobs that also require attention and spend several hours to perform. Outsourcing of workers can do these tasks faster and maybe more effectively.

Many companies and businessmen have realized these that resulted to the proliferation of outsourcing agencies and individual who offer their services these days.

Mr. Outsource University is coming out with a series of tasks that skilled or semi-skilled jobseekers may apply for as a freelance virtual assistant or as a worker in outsource companies.

Here is the 2nd job in the series of tasks Mr. Outsource University is recommending:





Data Entry is undoubtedly among the most sought after job opportunities on the internet. Data entry is actually a task that involves the transcription of data into some other type, which is normally a computer program. Although data entry is an important operations procedure, it is also a non central process that can be easily outsourced.

Data entry workers are also called by several names: word processors, typists, data entry keyers, transcribers, or keypunch operators. Although their main responsibility is to enter information and data into computers, they may also and usually, perform a variety of clerical tasks.

Job Opportunities

Data entry clerks are employed by many types of businesses, including government offices, banks, schools and hospitals. Different work settings may have different skill requirements. In some settings, data entry operators sort documents into batches, assign batch numbers, file and organize batches. Some operators may verify data input by another operator to correct errors or insert information that is missing. Some people offer data entry services from a home-based business.

Data entry is especially required for companies that deal a lot with paper documents and forms, such as invoices, application forms, claim forms, loan paperwork and many others. To these paper-strapped organizations, outsourcing is a practical choice.

In companies where Data Entry is used, emphasis on typing Speed is a consideration since they have to meet with the time scheduled online or off the internet data entry job requirements. Hence, excellent key board skills are a requirement. However, besides a great typing speed, it must be accompanied with an intelligent data entry. Note that the rate for online and offline data entry is 99.

Most companies still depend very much on spread sheet software for data entry. The main advantage in outsourcing data entry is that companies do not have to pull out their regular employees from their regular work to assign them to execute the tedious and time-consuming data entry task.

Generally, Data entry is an integral component of the overall document encoding as well as data capture process. However, if online data entry is not the main business of an organization, then outsourcing online data entry is worth considering. On an hourly basis, the rate for data entry is actually very low. Hence, Data entry has become a substantial industry nowadays.

Basic Responsibilities

Most data entry operators are responsible for transferring information from a source document to computer memory or to a tape or disk. If there are errors in the source document, the operator may need to seek clarification. Data input may include alphabetic, numeric or symbolic data. Data entered is compared with the source document, and any incorrectly entered data is corrected and entered again. Office equipment used may include a computer keyboard or an optical scanner, and data entry clerks may need to be trained to use special software. They may also use printers and tape readers.

Requirements for a Data Entry Worker

Data entry operators should at least be high school graduates. It is recommended to receive on-the-job training. Candidates may pursue training in business schools and typically study subjects such as keyboarding, word processing and the use of spreadsheets. Hone good spelling, grammar and punctuation along with computer skills which are assets for this line of work. If possible, try to improve skills by using books or online tutorials.

A data entry operator should be very detail oriented. He must be patient enough to able to deliver accurate work while in a tediously repetitive environment. They are expected to keep all records strictly confidential. Experienced data entry personnel may work with very technical material involving the formatting of charts or tables.

Tips on How To Prepare to Work as A Data Entry Worker

  1. Learn as much as possible about word-processing and database programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Office. offers free basic, intermediate and advanced tutorials for Word, Excel and the entire suite of Microsoft Office programs.
  2. Improve your typing skills using a free online program such. Aim for a typing speed of at least 45 to 50 words per minute, is the standard typing speed usually expected by employers. You may go here to learn how to type fast.
  3. Review your spelling, grammar and punctuation and typing speed are proficient.
  4. Make sure you use a comfortable chair built in preparation for working long hours at a desk. Be sure to sit properly and adjust the chair so your feet are flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel to the floor. When typing, bend your elbows approximately 90 degrees, keep your wrists straight and relax your shoulders.
  5. Compile, sort and check the accuracy of data before it is entered into the computer system. The type of data you will be entering will depend on the employer’s requirements.
  6. Keep your computer desk organized and save your work frequently to maximize productivity.

To give an idea on Data Entry, watch this tutorial video: