successPerhaps, attaining success may not really be very easy (but that is what makes it valuable).  But neither is it very difficult, if you know the secret. To help you succeed, here are some of them:

Strive to be No. 1: Notice that anyone who places second in any competition is seldom remembered, if at all. Always find ways to earn the title of the No.1. This may not seem possible all the time, but you can always win a title in a category. Examples of these opportunities are:

  • In a cooking contest, you may not declared as “The Best Cook” but you could be named “the best” in dessert –making, or in food presentation.
  • In a singing contest, you may not bag the “The Best Singer” title, but you could be remembered as the outstanding original composition interpreter or the outstanding balladeer.

In short, strive hard to be remembered as best in something by giving your best and all. They may not be very significant victories to others but they can make you feel proud of yourself and boost your morale. They raise your self-confidence to a higher level and this is a vital factor in attaining success.

successCelebrate your victories.  Regardless how insignificant your success is to others, you should always treat it personally as a milestone.  It is not what others feel about the victory that counts   but how it affects your morale.  Appreciate the time and effort you invest in its attainment by celebrating.  A bottle of cold beer and a slice of your favourite pizza are sufficient to mark the occasion.

Be thankful. In all case of winning, there are always people who help you in achieving it. They may not always contribute physically to your success but their moral and spiritual supports are valuable.  Their mere show of confidence in you must have affected your performance. Always let them know how much you appreciate their help.  Express your gratitude to them in words  and by your actions. Gratitude is a vital part of success and its attainment.

Do not pass the buck.  Along the way to your goal, you may meet obstacles and suffer setbacks. These are part of the journey.  Do not blame others for these negative outcomes.  Doing so will not do any good for you or your partners.  They only breed animosity among you and derail your efforts. Admit to these setbacks and try to learn from them. Do not consider them failures.  Instead, treat them as clear guides to the right direction of your journey.

successLead by example.  In order to attain your goal, a strong and decisive leadership is necessary.  An effective leader should lead at the front.  A backseat driver can never show a good example for his group to follow (unless they are marching backwards). All successful men are also successful leaders.

Be optimistic.  As you think, so you become.  This is the core of the Law of Attraction. There are some lucky ones who seem to have been born with a rosy outlook at things.  They are often called cock-eyed optimists. These people have found one vital secret of success.  Fortunately, optimism can be acquired and developed as we move through life; hence, you can also have as much chance to succeed as these born optimists.  One way to do this is to always look for a positive twist in all negative things that happen to you or around you.

These may not be the “only” secrets to success but they are enough to propel you smoothly towards   attaining it.