1Have you ever wondered why you seem to be perpetually chasing rainbows; or why some are able to make a winning, while you never make a gain? Are they really luckier than you? Sometimes, it may seem that way but if you take the time to look deeper into the sad circumstances in your life, you will
be surprised to know that Lady Luck has nothing to do with all them. The people you consider “lucky” simply follow these simple secrets to success:

• They admit to their responsibilities. They are bold enough to take necessary risks and if they fail, they are much bolder to admit their fault. They never point fingers nor pass the blame to others. They do not blame the circumstances, and definitely not the lack of luck, for any setback they experience.

• They do not procrastinate. They know procrastination is the arch enemy of success. It may take them some time to act, but not as a delaying tactic, but to spend enough time to formulate the most effective and efficient way to tackle a task or solve a problem. They are aware that the longer the time they delay, the weaker the motivation becomes until it eventually dissipates into thin air.

1• They know their capabilities but also aware of their limitations. Although they try to attain the best in all their endeavours, they are not slaves to perfection. Like the bamboo, they are flexible and pliant but do not break. They are willing to compromise occasionally without sacrificing their integrity in doing their tasks. They do not hide behind “perfection” as a reason for not reaching their goals. They do not wait for the perfect time, nor the perfect this or a perfect that for them to act. To them, as long as they honestly believe that they have done their best, that is enough for them— for it is all that matters, anyway.

• They are magnanimous in facing criticisms. They know that one can never please everybody at all times. As Aristotle said, “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”, in short, you should not exist at all! Successful people do not shrink away from bad comments. In fact they welcome them for they are an honest gauge to measure their real worth and guide them in improving themselves and their work. They know that overwhelming
praises and flattery can do more harm for they can make them complacent and overbearing.

• They do not fear failures. Successful people expect their road to their goal to be strewn with failures. Whereas “less lucky” individuals consider these setbacks as obstacles, successful ones look at them as signposts that will guide them to their goals. Failures teach them valuable lessons that will make them better equipped to overcome more setbacks as they move forward in their journey. They believe that failures are meant to bring out the best in people if they allow them to do so. It has become a cliché but it is true that “it’s not how many times or how big people fall — it’s about how many times they are willing to get up and try again”. For successful people, it’s “as many times it takes”.

1• They are never lazy or complacent. Successful people consider that merely working as much as the next person as laziness. In this very competitive world, they cannot afford to rest on their laurels. They are never complacent because they know that to remain static means to slide backward. However, they are not “workaholics”. They maintain a healthy and balanced existence between work and leisure, between their business and personal lives. This way, they avoid mental and physical burnouts which can prematurely sabotage their success.

• They are creative. They dare to be positively different, to be a cut above the rest. They have learned to appreciate even simple things but strive to improve on them. Consider the dozen-a-dime burger business. A burger is a burger is a burger, but how come only a handful dominates the burger business? Because this handful knows that a slight innovation in their burgers spells the difference between a successful from a mediocre burger business. They know that creativeness and originality are the ones the sell, and sell successfully!

• They realize that “no man is an island”. They thrive best when they interact with others, even among their competitors. As social beings, they believe in symbiotic relationships among people. Success does not come by one’s self alone. Successful people are not afraid or too proud to ask for assistance, and neither are they hesitant to reach out and help others.

3• They are appreciative of life. They value the simplest blessings that come their way and are grateful for them. It has been proven that gratefulness increases dramatically the level of happiness in people. And happiness leads to success—not the other way around. As Brian Tracy, a well-known motivational speaker and author, says: “Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation”.

• They learn from their mistakes. They accept their humanity and the mistakes and weaknesses associated with it. However, they see to it that these are not obstacles to success but are learning experiences in life. Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. They are humble enough to accept and learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them.

• They are confident in themselves. They are free of limiting thoughts that keep them shackled from achieving success. They appreciate the power of the mind and use it to their advantage. They know that what they think becomes their reality so they always keep a positive mindset. “I can” is their life’s mantra and surely, they can do almost anything they set their mind on achieving. They live by Napoleon Hill’s teaching that “When your desires are
strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve”.

Remember these simple secrets of the people you envy and consider “lucky” and you, too, will just as lucky, if not luckier, than they.