1Let’s face the fact that in today’s world of ultra-modern technology, many still believe in luck or lotto games would not be raking in fortunes as they do. Statistic shows that in the US alone, 48% of the population is actively participating in this game of luck and 75% of them are hopeful of winning!

Perhaps, you have been counting on “Lady Luck” to play a big part in your life but your business should not be one of them. You should not treat your business like a lottery ticket, hoping it wins without you lifting a finger. Rather, consider these options that will increase your chance of realizing
your dreams in your business with more certainty:

2• Focus on your actual assets. You must be led with your skills and personal strength in your business instead of counting on lucky your stars or horoscope for the day. If you are good at writing, you could be a successful blogger or run an internet marketing business; if you have the gift of speech, the world is hungry for lecturers and speakers to talk on success in every aspect of life; if you excel in the technological fields, your services are most sought-after in the ever evolving world of technology.

• Always be alert. Be constantly aware of opportunities that come your way and be prepared for them. Do not leave anything to chance that you might get that lucky break one day — chances are, you won’t. If you are facing a job interview, do not just hope that the interviewer would be kind to you and get the job. If you are not kind to yourself for making the required preparation, no one would. The same is true when you are making sales presentations. Do not just depend on your luck to say the right things in front of your prospective customers. Study and know your sales pitch thoroughly. Adequate preparation, not your lucky star, can be your most effective tool for finding success.

1• Help others. A good deed is a sure way to advertise yourself. Do not hesitate to let others know your skills and abilities. Give them a sampling of your capabilities without asking for pay backs. For example, you may volunteer to fix the computer of a friend, or fix the plumbing of a neighbour, or lend a hand in preparing food in a charity meeting. You would be surprised how the power of the word-of-mouth advertisement could do for you and your business. Soon, you could be the most sought-after computer technician, or plumbing expert, or caterer in town.

• Widen your circles of friends. Actively join community organizations, charitable groups, school projects, etc. However, do not content yourself with just being a nominal member. Rather, try to develop authentic relations with your fellow members. Friends are far better references than mere acquaintances. Show a genuine interest and sincere concern about others. Keep your words and strive develop trust in your interaction with people. Building good
relationships is the foundation of a career in sales, or any endeavours in life for that matter.

The above tips are far better guides that could make you a sure winner without going to a fortune-teller or consulting your daily horoscope. Good luck!