This video is a recording of subliminal audio and binaural beats that can bring clarity to the mind – a characteristic that will help you succeed.

Now the term subliminal is your capacity to take in what you hear even if you don’t consciously do so. When you are awake, you are very well aware of your surroundings, and you may have set perception of what’s going on around you. Of course, you might be led to believe that that’s the only the extent of your perception, when in fact your brain takes heed of the background noises and other factors that you don’t consciously choose to notice.

So, say, you are strolling along the street, noticing cars and people moving about. While doing so, you’re aware only of the city sounds as well as your own thoughts. But somewhere in the background, someone says, “I’m going to take things easy”. You’re not even consciously aware of this, but your mind reacts by telling your body to take your pace down a notch.

That’s the power of subliminal audio, and you can use it to your advantage to usher in motivation and success.