Do you want to sell or introduce a product, share information, or even outsource your requirements for manpower or services? Thanks to a new technology called “screencasting” that makes it possible to do all these fast and effectively, while sitting behind your desk in your office or even in the comfort of your home.






Screencasting is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture which includes audio narration as well. It is useful for creating training CDs, visual tutorials, and many more. It can even be used as a monitoring device for your visual assistants in the Philippines.



These new technology has become so popular that various manufacturers now offer various models of these screencasting devices in the market. However, not all these devices are created equal and fit for outsourcing services. Some offer more features than others but one company, Telestream, came up with ScreenFlow, a mobile screencasting device that surpasses others with its friendly-user features.


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ScreenFlow is mobile and handy device that records almost anything with a huge possibility of editing options to come out with very professional-looking presentations and documents –great for outsourcing your requirements on-line. It records just about anything and gives you a huge amount of editing options afterwards.


With its user-friendly features , the handy and mobile ScreenFlow is a useful and simple tool for ordinary software users. However, for software developers, it is sophisticate enough to help create screencasts to display their masterpieces; in the field of education, ScreenFlow can be used by entrepreneurs for including technology into their VA training manuals, while it can aid virtual assistant in the Philippines in explaining procedures, tasks or solutions to problems on interactive whiteboards, for companies, ScreenFlow is a powerful tool in outsourcing your requirements for manpower or other resources.


The handy and mobile ScreenFlow is an indispensable tool to seminar organizers. With it, they may record whole seminars for future references and make these recordings available to attendees who may have failed to come personally or to sell them in recorded media to them.


ScreenFlow has excellent recording quality made possible by its settable high frame-rate which makes your videos seem to be actually happening on your screen.





With all its state-of-the-art recording features and editing capabilities, ScreenFlow is surprisingly handy and lightweight as an excellent video editor while utilizing relatively less CPU and RAM resources. Furthermore, ScreenFlow is capable of exporting its production in an instant in all major formats, including YouTube!


For details on Telestream ScreenFlow, please click here.