The US Small Business Association and the United States Postal Service present delivering success. Turning your passion into a business is an entrepreneur’s dream. In this chapter, we’ll discover how passion and business co-exist. SBA’s 2006 Small Business Person of the Year Award for Washington, DC Warren Brown shows how his passion for baking has made his dreams come true. He studied History in college and then he went to law school and graduated with a degree in health care.


Although he had graduated with law school too, he felt that it didn’t satisfy him from the inside. He also wanted to share his other talents and that includes cooking. And he wanted to see people eat and have a good time. He wanted to find himself in that field and he wanted to be in the food business since he was in college. It took him a while before he actually pursued his cooking dreams. After that, he approached the SBA and got financing from a bank. And the rest, as they say is history for Warren Brown. Find out how his baking business is faring now by watching the video.