I have just finished reading Richard Branson’s book called “Business Stripped Bare” and have found it a great read. The book is different from his previous books and portrays a more reflected and mentoring Branson. I would very much like to share his view on success with you.

“I think you can define my definition of success in business has nothing to do with profits solely for their own sake. This is very important.

Success for me is whether you have created something that you can be really proud of.

Profits are necessary to invest in the next project – and pay the bills, repay investors and reward all the hard work – but that’s all. Nobody should be remembered for how much money they have made in life. Whether you die with a billion dollars in you bank account or $20 under your pillow is actually not that interesting. That’s not what you’ve achieved in life. What matters is whether you’ve created something special – and whether you’ve made a real difference to other people’s lives.”

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