“The closer I get to the ring, the more confidence I get. Once I get into the ring, I’m a God…no one can beat me”, Mike Tyson.

This is not just poetry from one of the world’s best boxing athlete. It is a statement, a challenge to us all. Life is full of battles and troubles. However, if we want to get the best of it, we got to believe we are a god – capable of achieving, succeeding, and winning.

Remember when we were kids, we used to tie a red cape on our neck. And, suddenly we become superman, flying across the room and jumping on the sofa. We believe we are a real super hero and we become one. However, when we get old, we become afraid of something.

Like Mike Tyson, we should not let ourselves get intimidated by whatever or whoever challenge us or stand in front of us on our path to success and our dreams. We fight our way to our freedom and fight our way towards our happiness and reap plentiful rewards in return. Doubts dampen our courage, belief will make us a stronger fighter.

Defeat opponents by believing in yourself!