The mental aspect of fitness is what matters more when you want to succeed in getting fit. This is what Dan Gambardello wants to point out in this video. He says that perseverance is in the mind and when you teach yourself not to be a victim of your own excuse and just persevere with your exercise routines, you are definitely going to achieve the ideal weight that you are aiming for.

Baseball, football and any other kind of sport is not just about physical fitness but is actually also 80% mental. Perseverance is the key to succeeding in whatever you want to achieve in life.

Besides being an inspirational word, besides being encouraging motivation, it is also about making decisions that you never thought you can do. All because you are persevering and pushing yourself to go through the journey of success and no matter the challenges along the way, you will still finish the journey because of it.

So don’t be easily discouraged, just persevere!