Whenever people interpret what we do or whenever people criticize us, sometimes it dampens our spirit. Negative comments and criticism are supposedly disheartening or sad or creates a bad feeling. Otherwise, we would not feel we commit mistakes and that we have flaws in our actions. People view a person like a three dimensional being. Each one of us is being judged by eyes who have limited view. We are all more than just a three dimensional object. We are greater than what other people think because all they see in us is just the part of our entire existence.

Just because they say that you will not succeed because you are too lame does not necessarily mean that you are a lazy and good-for-nothing person. What they are actually saying is that you have a tendency to fail if you do not give your best and learn from people’s experiences. They are saying that you can only become great if you recognize that you have a weakness that you should start cultivating to be your strength.

The Beatles are not used to be great singers, but they have seen their weakness. Michael Jordan could not have been a great professional player if he was not told about his weakness. Hence, whenever people say something negative about us, we should thank them for reminding us about our weakness. Otherwise, we walk through life without knowing when or where we will fail. The greatest failure in life is when we do not recognize the weakness inside of us.