Pain is real, yet it lasts. It is a temporary feeling to remind us that we are humans. Imperfect, yet we have lots of rooms for development and progress. Hence, the achievements of great artists, scientists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and the likes experience the same feeling in a different context and situation. No matter how we plan to pursue we must accept within us that there will challenges ahead of us waiting to measure our determination. Pain will be there, waiting for our arrival. But, when we endure discomfort and agony, we realize we become much better person for we have surpassed milestones of our life.

In reality, there are those who fail. There are those who wait. Then, there are those who keep on moving on without hesitation, filled with conviction, never losing hope and vision towards success. Whenever we fail, we get up. Whenever we lose hope, we do not wait. Whenever we see a chance we persevere for we are battling not just against our opponents, competition, and not just against ourselves, but more importantly against time. We do not want to waste time failing and losing hope. We persevere for our life is real, yet it lasts.