Givers Gain – the art of networking

BNI what i do. How much is your network worth long term.BNI - Business Network InternationalI recently joined BNI Norway to grow sales connections and my general network connections. It´s great!

A compolex world

The world of money is complex. When you start a company there are a lot of complex issues you need to think about. You have to understand a lot of shit!


You gotto live the life you want to live to live happy. It aint easy

The business ecosystem

We are all connected in business and life. The world is built by millions and millions of smaller and larger systems that can effect each other in a smaller or larger way. This is easy to forgett when you start a business. When you build a business you are very lucky because you can choose what business-ecosystem you want to belong to. In short if you have...

Time & Money

"time is money"Sure.But, if you have no time to enjoy life, what do you need all that money for?Life is complex, but there are two simple pricipple pillars of life that you can´t escape from and that is Time and Money. It doesn´t really matter what you do, what you want to do or what you have done. Everything you want to do is related to these two elements of...

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