How to start a business. Just do it!

The past six months I have spent reading, listening, observing and thinking about my businesses and the aim of this has been to "work smarter" going forward. I have done my best in implementing new thoughts and ideas into my businesses along the way and have enjoyed this process. It´s important to note that I read a lot of books before I started my first company and...

Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums

Charles Leadbeater went looking for radical new forms of education -- and found them in the slums of Rio and Kibera, where some of the world's poorest kids are finding transformative new ways to learn. And this informal, disruptive new kind of school, he says, is what all schools need to become.

Business = people

You gotto understand people. In business you have to serve people. It´t not about you. Its about them.

Never ever give up

How to be successfull? Failure should not be an option, with that i dont mean failing as in a business not working out the way you planned or going bankrupt in the process. Failing at working to reach your goals and dreams can´t be an option. three reactions1) Thats great (don´t care)2) Why dont you just get a job?3) Thats fantastic! Go for it!

You run a business wether you want to or not!

Believe it or not, you are business.Your personal economy is very much like any business out there small or large. Consiously or unconsiously you and your life is based around elements such as; Money, Marketing & Sales, Production and Innovatoin and Development. You can choose to utilize these aspects of your life in a greater or lesser form, but they are part of...

Don’t Know What to Outsource Yet?

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