Alec Baldwin gives great advice to Harvard Students

No risk, no reward! This is what the iconic actor shared to the Harvard students. Figure out who you are, be honest to yourself and decide what you want to do. The greatest regret is when you don't commit; if you don't take the chance. Learn more from this video. LinkedTube

Grant Cardone urges you to get your groove on!

Are you feeling lazy? Do you get tired most of the time? Well, listen to motivational speaker, Grant Cardone, as he dares you to get up and be energetic, excited and enthusiastic! It's just like a muscle, not a feeling, you have to practice it! Motivation is about inspiring yourself to be on a mission. Learn more and be energized by watching this video....

Bill Gates speaks about Greatness

Bill Gates, consistently ranked as one of the world's wealthiest people, humbly says in this interview that in all success stories there are significant elements of luck and timing. If you want to be great and successful like other people, YOU CAN, with the right luck , imagination and some talent. Be inspired by this awesome businesss magnate and philanthropist by...

How To Run A Small Business – Tips From Mr Outsource

Many hope to achieve a life-long dream of freedom and independence from the daily cares and doldrums of everyday living. They are restless to leave their life of 8 to 5 existence as employees so they jump and join the bandwagon of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many of them find themselves disillusioned of the independence and freedom they dream of in only few short...

3 Songs to Add to Your Motivational Playlist

Jadakiss sings in this video with some lyrics: I'm gonna call it confidence, 'cause I ain't cocky I just know one thing: They can't stop me Whether I'm on "Ef" or LA, or they swap me While working or just hanging out, you can get inspiration from the songs here. As they say, surround yourself with successful people and in this case, motivational songs to make...

Motivational Compilation to Achieving Anything

Watch this very inspiring video on how humans can be super awesome in sports. Despite physical, mental, psychological and financial challenges, people who love sports conquer it all. In basketball, football, tennis and any sports - you can succeed if you really want to reach it. No matter the hardships, you are going to be successful if you want it so bad enough you...

Gene Simmons on how to make More Money!

Gene Simmons is a rock bassist, singer-songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and actor who with his band, KISS, has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and he's challenging you to become richer than he is! Don't worry for in this video, he shares practical tips on how to do it. Watch now! LinkedTube

The Craig Koonce Story

Rory "Craig" Koonce Jr. was born with Cerebral Palsy but trains in body building, weight lifting and martial arts. Indeed, he does not let this disability impede his dream to become a champion athlete and he is wise enough to keep positive energy within him and to keep positive people around him. Know more about his inspiring story in this video. LinkedTube


Howard Schultz does the tasting himself for their coffee beans to ensure that the quality remains high. Everything at Starbucks is tested and qualified before being sold to customers. Now, Howard Mark Schultz is ranked by Forbes magazine as the 354th richest person in the United States, with a net worth of $1.5 billion. This just proves that when you believe in what...

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