Hi, Erlend Bakke here, founder of mr.outsource.com, coming to you today from London and today I want to talk about how you can train your VA using screenflow and skitch. ScreenFlow is a program that basically captures your screen and everything that you do on the screen whilst you can record. I’m actually using screenflow to produce this video for you. And today, what I want to talk about is how you can train your VA and how screenflow works as well as I’m going to give one of my VA’s called Briyce an assignment on one of my companies.


So, when I was 14, I went to school to become a tennis coach and from when I was 14 to 20-21 I was a full time tennis coach and I was thinking today how much that has influenced me in educating people in my companies. And there is a process to teaching somebody. First, you need to show them how something is done then you need to break down what you did in simple steps so they understand how they can do it then you show them again and then you let them do it themselves. Usually by starting with a very simple park of the forehand, for instance. You know you’d maybe start with a grip and just get them to follow through but not do the whole. You know you want to get them to take their arm back. You just want to start with their arm back and follow through the stroke. So breaking down complicated tasks into simple units is a really powerful way of educating your VA’s.
And then for the second part, it’s about letting them to try and fail enough times. You have to be patient and the relationship is that you train, and they train and they get better and better. And you need to encourage them and you need to guide them along the way. There is no way of just saying here you go, “do it”. You know something, many parts of your business you’ve been doing for many years and you can’t expect somebody else to just pick that up by making one simple video clip. You will need to perfect and hone your skills as well as the VA’s skills. So, the really cool part of teaching other people how to do something is that you learn so much from doing it.


Okay and one more thing: Don’t forget to add massive value to your VA’s. So people like learning, so the more you teach, the more they learn; the more fun you have working with your VA.


Okay, so Briyce, here we start. One of my companies is called, “youspin” which is a 360 photography application. Now, to create more attraction, we want to start posting comments to everybody that’s uploading spins to our website. So, here’s somebody that’s uploaded already called, “spin of an engine” and you know we should really comment and say, “I really like your spin, let us know if you need any help” and you know maybe send them a link to some educational material such as this which is called, “The Secrets of 360 Photography” where we teach people how to do 360 photography.


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.27.17 AM
So, Briyce, what I need you to do is create an account by logging in on the top. So, you just understand, enter my information on the top here but basically enter it down here and then here’s my log in. So, okay here you see all my spins that I’ve made. So, what I need you to do Briyce is go to Explore and for every new person that uploads something I want you to press here which means you like it. They will then, the user, will then get a notification saying that “I liked their spin” and then I want you to scroll down and comment. So, “It’s a nice spin”. You know, let’s comment and say, “I really like your car; I’m a big jeep fan myself”. “If you want to learn more about 360 photography, you can check out our 360 photography tutorial and then drop a link. And then write, “thank you for using youspin.” And that comment will be sent to the user also. If you see something that is really, really cool, Briyce, I want you to post it on Facebook. I also want you to tweet it using our youspin twitter account so that other users can also view it and get some creative sparks flowing to them, you know.


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.19.28 AM
So, just a couple of other things that my VA’s are doing for me. They are blogging. So, they’re writing really good blogs. And also, as part of the blog posting some 360’s that users have made. We also have a, let me just go back to our main site. We also have a store where we’re actually drop shipping. So, drop shipping, I’m using two outsourcing levels there. We have a provider in China that actually ships all the products but the fulfillment of the order which means customer service of all the orders in the store is being done by one of my VA’s in Mr.Outsource. So, when there’s order, I don’t really, you know I get a weekly report of all the products sold but that’s pretty much what I do.


So, I hope you’re getting an understanding of how many tasks I outsource as part of my marketing and part of my business. I’m always trying to think of techniques to outsource as I come up with an idea I’m always tempted to do it myself. I always want to do it myself. But then I get, “oh wait, I’m Mr.Outsource, I got to try to find a way of systemizing this and giving it to somebody else to do. And that’s what I did today.


So, that’s how I use Skitch and ScreenFlow to generate content for my VA’s and what I do afterwards, is that I will , well I can’t do this now, but I will press stop record and I will actually generate it and export. I will go to, I’ll show you this. I’ll go to ScreenFlow and press Export and then I will actually upload it to our YouTube account and again, my VA will actually transcribe this video. When the video is transcribed, it will show up better in Search.