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Hi and welcome to your free lesson on Mr. Outsource’s Success Formula. So over the past couple of years I’ve travelled around all over the world and at the same time have run my businesses and big part of that is having control of your numbers. And if you’re travelling a lot and what you’re going to accumulate a lot of are these things- right? So you going to go out with lunch for a client and you’ll pay and you get stuck with a bill and you’ve got a credit card bill and then suddenly you’re stuck with entering something like from 52-250 receipts into the system, or some kind of system.

So what I’ve developed and what I have been doing for a long time now is I’ve been sending those receipts to my virtual assistant in the Philippines. It’s a simple system — simple is useful. I always try to do simple things so let’s see here when I have a bill from lunch, I will write down who I had lunch with and what the purpose was and what company. Then I will take my scanner and scan that straight into a program a called Evernote. Evernote is probably the best tool I know about for doing this. Just because it is so simple: it works on your laptop, it works on the web, it works on your iPad, it works in your smartphone. What I do is every time my wallet gets full I write down all the things related to the bill.

So for instance, let’s find one here – I had lunch with James Theron from Lobster Studio and it’s credit card. So basically I just write it on top so the virtual assistant will see whoever it was and what company and see CC which is credit card. What I will do now is I’ll show you how to scan these.

You’ll notice that I have two bags. So sometimes I use my personal card or just cash to pay for things then the other is for company credit card thing. This is the personal stuff. Both gets sent to the accountant and the accountant goes over and checks. But I’m basically saving time doing this work as well as I save money on the accountant and entering the work because it’s going to be put in the way that it’s really clear and easy for him to do that. All I have to do now is collect all my credit card receipts here. Basically, I write down CC for credit card and P for personal payments.

So let’s do the James Theron one and it depends on where you are. I’ve bought a scanner from Scan Snap it is excellent and if you Google Scan Snap you will find it. I just open it up just like that. I usually take my smartphone to take pictures but some of them came a bit blurry and you’ll get a lot of pixelated images. So now I’ll scan it and all I do is feed it like this and I press start and it’s now going to be scanning straight into Evernote and press there again. It creates a pdf of the invoices which are actually being read by Evernote.


Evernote is really a smart program because one of the things it does is recognize the texts in the things that you scan in. Now I’ve got it all exactly in my screen just like here. All I do now is I drag and drop it into the CC record. My virtual assistant will see that I’ve entered some new content into the credit card. She checks that once a week and she enters it into the accountant’s accountant system. And what I’ve done after, what I do after I actually scan something is I tear it on the top and just put it back in my bag.


And I’ve got the actual receipt. So you actually need to keep the actual physical receipts as well as you need it digitally to get it to your accountant. So I keep all the receipts in case you’ll need something to do about them. And that’s how we do it, that’s how we roll. Stay tuned for a lot more cool tips for you on how to run your business more effectively. And of course, how to outsource part of your business. A big headache for me has been all the travel bilsl and how to do all those things. It’s so liberating to have effective systems in doing all these things. So delegating using other’s people’s time and power to get more done yourself is the key to a successful business. And signing out here from London, England. Maybe I’ll be somewhere else next time, probably. Alright.