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Hi! Erlend Bakke here, founder of MrOutsource.com. Today, I just wanted to record this really quick for you because there’s a very cool way for you to post content to your blogs so you get more traffic. And on my phone, open it up here. Of course, Im a big fan of Evernote, that’s evernote.com.  I use that to communicate with my VAs. You can also use Google Docs but I just find Evernote so simple to use and basically, I have my whole brain in Evernote.


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.23.32 AM

So what I do I I have an idea for blog post, say I read an article or something like that and I want to communicate that to my article writers. I just go to Notebooks and I’ll find the Notebook with my “Mr O Blog Ideas” which I have here and I will then click and add a new note. And I will then write in the topic.

So the topic today would be, how to use Evernote to…. Basically I’ll make the note but this is not the cool part. The cool part I want to show you is today I was walking back home and on your smartphone, you will have a recording device which you can just start reading in everything that you want your VA to write about. So I was walking home and I just started recording what I wanted this blog post to be about and of course, it’ll then go straight to my article writers and the first one to pick up will write about it. And you can see here, my screen is actually filling up with everything that I am saying. The VA will then know what to write about.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.23.38 AM

It’s just a way for you to get more done and to record your ideas straight away and on the go. and Mr Outsource is all about teaching people how to automate their business and further outsource it to get more freedom in your life and in your business. So you can come up with cool ideas. And live the life that you wanted to live when you started your business in the first place before you got bugged down and over worked and all those fun things.

Alright! Erlend Bakke, founder of mroutsource.com, talking to you today about Evernote.