Hi, Erlend Bakke here, founder of mr.outsource.com. Today, I want to talk about how you can use your virtual assistant to do affiliate marketing on your blog. We have a blog in our website and we regularly write about automation. So, ScreenFlow is actually the program I’m using right now which I use to record most of my educational videos to help entrepreneurs liberate themselves. And ScreenFlow is great! So, basically, here we’ve written a nice article about ScreenFlow and the benefits of it and it’s genuine. You know, we only write about software which we believe in. Like, you know, Evernote, Skitch, ScreenFlow, Skype and all the other Google business apps, all the other business software applications that we use everyday doing our business.

So, in Evernote here, we have a list of different software that we are going to write about. Now, I’m going to take Jott. And Jott has some really cool software which allows you to just speak and then while you speak, it’s converging into text. And this is a nice way of working with your virtual assistant in regards to ideas, or just you know, notes from a meeting.


So, every website will have a banner, or no, not every website, but websites that have affiliate marketing opportunities will have affiliate marketing at the bottom. Usually at the bottom, that’s where you find most of the in-depth links.


Okay, so Nuance affiliate marketing. So we see here, “Now you can increase your online revenue by providing your visitors access to the leading supplier of Speech Recognition..”. It’s important that you read that and they will have some form of system to track your clicks from your website. So, this was Commission Junction which is actually a very big program. So, we choose UK. Currency: we will do Dollars just for practical reasons and they will have you read a statement. So, basically, what you do is you sign up and then you will get a page with lots of different banners and there will be some code next to the banner and all you have to do is copy-paste that into your blog and publish your article about software. When every time a user clicks on the link in your article and goes through with the purchase, you get paid percentage of every sale. So that varies from affiliate to affiliate but usually you want to try to get paid as much as possible for every click but my point is not to teach you about Affiliate Marketing, my point was to teach you about how to use affiliate marketing by outsourcing article writing as well as educating your VA’s using ScreenFlow to produce affiliate marketing on your blog.
Okay, so thank you for watching this video and I appreciate your time. Erlend Bakke here, founder of mr.outsource.com; signing out. Byebye.