Honest is the best policy —a very simple principle to remember and should be applied in every phase of life. Also, honesty begets trust.

Unfortunately, most people forget this, especially in the business world where money is the greatest motivation. Many crave for it, resorting even to dishonesty just to get it.

However, dishonesty or lack of sincerity is difficult to hide. Somehow it shows through in our words and deeds, hard as we try to cover it up. As a result, mistrust often ruins many business dealings.

This may be a weird way to look at the issue of trust but without it, no business will prosper, at least, not for long. This is the reason online businesses try all the tricks in the book to gain their clients’ trust. They try to be as transparent as possible in their websites and blogs like posting their saintly photographs and pictures of every nook in their facilities. They do anything to gain the trust of individuals who would be happy to join them…IF they trust them.

However, remember that you gain the trust of people around you by trusting yourself! Others will discern that feeling you lack trust in yourself by your words, mannerisms, or even in the articles you write. Somehow, they are able to feel your lack of clarity and trust in self on a deeper level.

This idea is lost on many failing entrepreneurs. When they write or make decisions, they do so without doing any soul searching. This reflects in their marketing campaign. Anyone who trusts himself naturally moves into acts which gain the trust of their target market.


The Role of Trust in your Online Business

In online business, TRUST is everything. You make money only when people trust you enough to send you their money. For them to do so, they have to trust you, believe in your product, or in business opportunity you offer them. This is why you must gain the trust of your business target market.


How to Gain Trust

• Be transparent. Set up accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

• Share of your story, especially your successes and failures. This will help people to trust you, for they see you as real a person.

• Be truthful. Tell people exactly what joining your team would entail. Be very clear to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

• Post a smiling headshot on all your social networking sites, and your blog. Your head shots on your accounts will make people make a stronger connection with you.

• Include videos in your website. Your videos will prove that you are a real person who wants to help them succeed.

• Include your Skype account, e-mail address, and phone number on your website. Open up channels of communication so people can easily connect with you.


In short, be real, be you. People appreciate and trust an authentic person, regardless if they do not agree with you. But first, trust yourself. Only then can you make others trust you!

By the way, TRUST can take months (or even years) to earn but only an instant to lose—so cherish and guard it always!