With the advent of the computers, companies realize that by taking advantage of the latest technology in collecting, processing, storing, and transmission of data, or automation system in short, workload of personnel is dramatically lightened thus resulting in greater productivity in much lesser time.


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The time saved by employing automation system enables most companies to expand their business venture to other related fields like outsourcing.


Recently, the method of hiring people to perform certain tasks on a contractual basis has become popular. This is referred to as Outsourcing. This method of hiring workers on per-job-done basis has caught up in the business world. More and more companies are discovering the advantage of this system over the conventional way of hiring people. For one, outsourcing has eliminated the time-consuming and daunting process of physically hiring people. It has also saved companies the headaches
of maintaining regular workers in terms of meeting the requirements of providing medical care, insurance, sick and vacation leaves, etc, all of which are mandated by the labour laws of most countries.




By combining the automation system with the use of the latest in digital technology and by taking advantage of the benefits that outsourcing offers, the formula for a successful operation of most businesses is achieved, that is, the freedom to expand since the important factors needed to move on faster are effectively met, namely:


  1. Save time in order to be able to do more in shorter period of time
  2. Save money to maximize investments for further expansion of the business