1The cyber age has made job-hunting both for employers and employees very convenient and faster. Gone are the days when it took days, or even weeks, before these people get connected, contract sealed, and hiring finalized. Long queues of fidgety applicants waiting to be personally interviewed are gone. Instead, employers and prospective employees meet online and assessments are made in matters of hours.

However, this cyber system has made competition among job-hunters very steep. Job openings are quickly filled as fast as they get published so applicants must arm themselves with the precise and accurate requirements and fast.

Job seekers must be extra careful when searching and applying for the right positions. Here are some tips you should consider when applying online:

Avoid using generic application letters: With the proliferation and availability of so many job openings online, you may be tempted to use the same application letter for different companies he/she is applying for. The positions available may be similar but there might be minor differences with every company. Also, with the ease of sharing information online these days, there is always the possibility of your resume being shared with other companies. This could highlight your lack of discernment in distinguishing between individual roles of a position of various companies. For example, an accountant in an insurance company may not have the exact duties and responsibilities of an accountant in a recruiting outfit.

1Haphazard choice of companies: Take time to know more about the companies you contact. Without studying closely the business of the company, their products, or its corporate philosophy, you just waste time, money, and effort applying to a company you are ill-suited for.

Lack of clear purpose in choosing potential employers: Do not be taken in by the size of the company or the popularity of its name and not consider other factors such as security of tenure it offers, working conditions, labour policies, compensation plans, retirement and other benefits, etc., which lesser known outfits offer as well but under better arrangement and conditions. Also, you should consider the potential a company offers regarding professional and personal growth of its employees.

Failure to match personal qualifications for the job: This may deter you from applying. However, employers may find saving factors in your experience which can compensate for the actual prerequisites they advertise. Do not limit your opportunity for employment due to perceived inadequacies. Seek the help of professional recruiters to make informed decision in this area.

Understanding of the position: Know the actual requirement of the position you want to apply for. However, if you believe you lack the skill and expertise inherent to the job, be honest about it and do not waste your time or that of the potential employer. Insisting on getting hired for the vacancy despite your obvious lack of qualifications would only damage your credibility as a candidate.

1• Failure to sell yourself: The potential employers do not know you so they can only base their assessment of you on what you have written about you. Tell them all the educational and experiences you had relevant to the vacancy offered. False modesty has no room in online application. However, do not oversell yourself and resort to half-truth or downright dishonesty. Attach proofs to support your claims for qualifications.

• Avoid any negative expressions or complaints: Remember that as an applicant, you should not show annoyance or complain about the policies or hiring procedures of potential employers. In the first place, you are applying to them of your own accord, hence you should agree to all their terms and conditions. Otherwise, withdraw your application and go to other employers. Complaining will discourage recruiters from working with you and hinder your chances of impressing employers.

• Name the right price: You should be aware of the current rate in the market for the position you are applying for. Asking for an exorbitant rate may be construed by employers as a sign of ego-tripping which can portent hierarchal issues later; asking too low compensation could be a sign of low self-worth or desperation on your part. Both extremes are not good indications for ideal applications.

These tips can help you have an edge over others in the very competitive job-hunting online. Good luck!