In the course of our struggle to achieve success, sometimes we got to do one more thing to reach the peak of our goal. Decision is crucial. We got to think carefully, especially when we are at the topmost level of our career. Sometimes the difference between the people a head of you is worth one more try.
Many people quit and never knew how close they are to success. Sometimes we thought we could not do it and that there is nothing more we can do to pursue our dreams and ambitions. We are afraid to lose; the challenges overwhelm our courage. This happens not because our options are fading, that we do not have any more choice to continue. We are afraid because we thought we do not have a choice. What scare us are not consequences of our decisions, but the things that we have not conceived yet in our mind.
We cannot get what we really want if we stop. We cannot achieve our goals if we do not move on. Most of the time, what we really want is to sit right next to the things that we are afraid of.