What is so good about outsourcing?

You have to delegate, you have to outsource, you have to out  people either internally or externally taking care of what all the tolls that you wanna do. Or else youre gonna have no time to think and actually spend time on the build of your business, if youre always taking care of little talks that somebody else be doing. You never gonna be able to the life that you really wanted when you started the business.


Can you give us a little bit of background about how you got involved in outsourcing and what led you to become such an expert at this?

My business that I started six years ago was a 3sixty photography company. And I had, my client has six hundred products. And in 3sixty photography,  you take 24 frames per product and I was setting there for days and days and days not sleeping,  editing images. My arm felt it was gonna fall off. And I have to find a solution. And ah..I started outsourcing to the Philippines. And weve been doing for six years, we gotta big team over there and now my big passion is helping entrepreneurs. You know liberate entrepreneurs, making regain some of there freedom and also you know, I ran a successful business at the same time and effect, making them ah..the business owner, not the operator.


What are the top three(3) things that someone should know in order to be successful in outsourcing?

The first step is to start letting go. You know, you have to let out people fail, you have to give them tolls. You have to be comfortable with failure.

The second one is you have to be good building out systems. You need to build systems in your business and need able to build the systems for training to ran your business for you.

The third one is ability to find people how to do it.  And I hire slowly, and fire quickly.


What is the best way to get started?        

Take the first step is to email me at erlend@mroutsource.com and you can get a free e-book, you get five training videos and you know, I just give it that way for free. I was a burned out entrepreneur. I know how that feels and just wanna help other entrepreneurs succeed.


How long does it take to really become proficient at outsourcing?

I think the first thing is to through the free training that I provide and then,  you know if you experience a company like mr. outsource, it dramatically cuts down the time because we’ll train you, we trained our employees already that are ready to serve  you. Or you can go on  hire somebody yourself and go on through those steps. Does how long through it take? It depends on how complicated your business processes. And how good at training them you are.


Will your methods or advice work in any area or for anyone?




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How much experience does a person need to outsourcing?

No experience. No experience. Just people willing to delegate and let go.

Can you provide some real-life examples of other people who have followed your advice?

Yes. Our first client was a e-commerce fashion designer and we manage basically 80% of her company now. And she doubled the turn this year since we start working with her.


If you have one secret to give about  outsourcing , what would it be?

I think the one secret for most entrepreneurs is be creative of what you can outsource. Because theres really no limit. You look at very successful people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, they don’t do a lot of stuff. They do thinking time. They make big decisions. They make other people do stuff. If you ever wanna have any types of success and grow to your business. You have to be good at that.


What are some of the common problems that people experience in  outsourcing ?

They don’t have patience enough to train other people. Because theyre expert in their area. They expect everybody to be expert  in their area but you gotta understand that people need time to learn your passion and it fell bad, they don’t  wanna serve you .  Its that you don’t want letting serve you.


Some people might think that it all sounds to good to be true. Is there a catch?

There is a catch. You have to be willing to work on it, every single day. Theres no other way to become a monster on expert or anything. If you wanna be thinner. If you wanna be have more time. If you wanna have all this things in your life, it’s a compound interest.  Einstein called it ..the miracle of universe.



What sort of things can someone do to stay on top?

I think it’s the same thing. You know, if want to become an expert. Anything, you wanna excel , you wanna succeed. You wanna be part of the 2% of the people tahta are successful and reached all this things they have. They have patterns. You need to figure out what their patterns are. And one of the big patterns is outsourcing. Get all the people that do stuff for you.



Where can people find more information about outsourcing?

Go to mroutsource.com. that is one word. We give away free e-book and training videos. That’s the great way to get started. If you like them, send me e-mail in erlend@mroutsource.com. And I’ll do everything in my power. And my power is to help you succeed as an entrepreneur and your life as well.



How can people contact you?

Yeah. My e-mail goes directly to my VA.  I get a daily e-mails from her. With all the e-mails to act on. One thing for sure is I’ll take care of you. And as I said before is my true passion is such liberate entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs regain some freedom in their life. And achieve some of their dreams that they have when they started the business before they bugged and all sorts of things.



Three main things why entrepreneurs struggle is lack of money, lack of time, and they’re lack of ability to actually get away from their business and just let it ran itself.