I started off as an entrepreneur in London and had a great time with it. In all honesty I didn´t have a clue what I was doing or know very much about business, but I thought I did! It was a great feeling to have choosen a different path and that we were creating something out of nothing! After about a year I decided to leave the company and start my very own company and be 100% in control.  I would start again from scratch, this time from my home town in Oslo, Norway.

With the same enthusiasm and passion I started off with very little money with 100% belief that I would become rich and successfull fast. With time I found it much harder to be an entrepreneur in my home town, than it was in London because people (an my emotional assosiations to those people) still were rooted to my upbringing (12-20) and over time the constant reminder of who I was before and what I was doing now merged. However I´m not a quitter and I have promissed myself that I will be an entrepreneur for the rest of my life therefore focusing on great solutions is the only option. The first 3 years starting off in Norway were spent trying to get a better grasp on entrepreneurship and business whilst working on building my company. This was great! However what I have found out is quite outstanding and I want to share it with you in this post.

“Greatness is not this esotheric, elusive godlike feature that only the few special among us will ever taste. It´s something that truely excists in all of us. It´s very simple, I know who I am, I know what I believe and I´m willing to die for it. The challenge is that most people make it much more complex. It´s hard to believe that it can be that simple.” Will Smith (to see the whole interview click here)

The biggest ah-moment for me this year was realizing that although I would talk, think and act as if I was pursuing my dream, it was still just that – a dream. If you really want to be successfull you have to really mean it. I don´t mean that in a way of just stating it, you have to mentally prepare, focus and really listen to yourself. Arnold Schwartzenegger talks about how he spent a lot of time on his own really trying to figure out what he really wanted in life. “You have to listen, really listen to yourself…”(to see his amazing speach click here) Don´t even call it a dream, visualise yourself in the physical situation of being in your dream. Make your dream become real! Your inner game as an entrepreneur is your most important tool and the secret to success, if you don´t have a great inner game you will not succeed. Learning how to aquire mental strength in regards to forming your future is the key to success. It´s really that simple!

“The game is so simple, you just aint´t listening.” P Diddy Combs (to see the whole interview click here)

There are techniques you can use to learn how to listen to yourself and what you really want. The best technique I have found to focus and listen to myself is by using a technique called “Pranayama” that you can download from iTunes. I spend 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes every night focusing on all the things I want to attract into my life as well as being greatfull for what I have. In these sessions only positive, motivational and inspiring thoughts are allowed to access my conscious brain and I have found it to give me amazing strength to tackle all challenges. Repeat what you want again and again and try to really define in clear detail what you want to attract. To increase the power of these sessions create a vision board where pictures of all the things you desire and truely believe you will have are placed. The most important aspect of these sessions is that you honestly, strongly and physically believe you will aquire this in your life.

I came to realize early this year (2011) that although I wanted success for myself, there was something within me saying “yeah, you will have some success, but its going to be really hard and you will only have some success” and that is what has happened so far. I´m kinda successfull with my venture, and that is accordance with my thoughts and focus. How crazy is it that I don´t wish amazing success for myself? How can that be? Why on earth would I not want all the things I desire? Is it the Norwegian Jante-loven that is inprinted in our brains and norwegian society? This is not something im going to solve by answering the questions above. I have quite simple started to claim all the things I really want in life and I make them come real for me. One of the main obstacles and fun parts of this process is to actually  “allow” yourself to have everything you dream of. I have to allow myself to have success, to claim all the physical and monetery things I want in life without feeling bad or gilty about doing so.

The simple truth is that you become what you think. 

There is such a long list of famous and successfull people that have applied this simple truth over centuries and it is the most foolproof way to accomplish anything in life.

So…back to living in dogma in my hometown of Oslo. What dogma?

Reading List (I have read);
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
“The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well, The Science of Being Great” by Wallace D.Wattles
To Watch;
“The Secret” by Rohnda Byrne
To Download from iTunes;
On my reading list;
“The Magic of Thinking Big” David J. Schwartz
“Money, and the Law of Attraction” Esther and Jerry Hicks
“Zen Mind, Beginner´s Mind” Shunryu Suzuki
“Some Things Harvard Never Taught Me” by Clint Nangle
“Mastering Your Hidden Self” by Serge Kahili King
“Ask and it is Given, Learning to Manifest your Desire” Esther and Jerry Hicks
“Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul” by Deepak Chopra