Hi! Erlend Bakke here, I’m the author of You Will Never Work Again.

Welcome to different kind of business book. I’ve tried to incorporate the yin and the yang of business, the masculine and the feminine, the source and the force. Because I believed when you understand both parts, you will be more balanced as a person and therefore, you’ll have more success.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.11.54 PMNow, we talk about hardcore principles like outsourcing, automation, and the importance of leveraging other people’s time. If you think about it, what do the masters of businesses do? They’re experts! They’re experts at leveraging other people’s time.

Now, let me ask you a question. Does Richard Branson fly on his airplanes? Does he check you in at the airport? Does he serve the meals on his flights? No, he doesn’t. See, as an entrepreneur…you need to start really understanding what the masters do and I talk about that in the book. And one of the secrets is leveraging other people’s time.

A lot of entrepreneurs get going in business because they believed it will get them more freedom in their life. And usually it’s related to financial freedom. I’m here to tell you that it is not really the financial freedom that you want. There are different kinds of freedom. And I believe that it’s really, really important to truly understand what freedom means to you before you spend thousand and thousand of hours pursuing something you’re not clear on.

The books starts off in getting of the depths of what freedom is really is and what freedom really means to you. There are series of exercises in the book that really been powerful in my life that I wanted to share with you and you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur now for seven years. And, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this book and I really wanted to add a lot of value onto entrepreneurs. And if you want the book for free? Just add your e-mail underneath here and will send it to you as a pdf.

You might be asking yourself, why am I giving away this book for free? Well, the truth is my freedom lies in helping entrepreneurs like yourself succeed to find your freedom. So that’s why I’m giving it away for free.

It’s my mission and passion in life is to help entrepreneurs to find their freedom and add to massive value to the world. Thank you for watching this video.

My name is Erlend Bakke and I’m the author of “You Will Never Work Again.” Thank you and bye-bye from Bulgaria.