erlendWhen it hit bestseller status in Australia, Erlend Bakke’s latest book “Never Work Again” added a fourth country and a third continent to the list of places where it could claim bestseller status.

So far Never Work Again has become a bestseller in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia – and all of this has happened within three months of its release.

Clearly something about the book has captured people’s imaginations. Perhaps this is because it starts out with Erlend’s story, which is a classic tale of redemption. In this case, that redemption is from the stress and drudgery of the rat race treadmill – something which many people have dreams of leaving behind.

It was just a little over three years ago that Erlend collapsed on a London tube train and, thinking he was about to die, had to beg a stranger to call him an ambulance. Fortunately, after a trip to the emergency department and extensive testing Erlend lived to tell the tale. It turned out that he had suffered from a massive panic attack brought about by the stress of overwork and the long hours he was putting in to try and get his fledgling business to succeed.

This was Erlend’s wake-up call. Realising that he couldn’t go on living this way he set about discovering how he could reorganise his life so that he could take back control of his time, while still being able to run his business. Three years later, Erlend is the CEO of three different co

never work againmpanies that between them employ 20 staff and yet he seldom works more than five hours a week.

What made this

ad o transformation possible in such a short time is Erlend’s discovery of what he describes as “ethical outsourcing.” Today, inste

himself to exhaustion by trying to do everything himself, Erlend works with highly skilled outsourced workers from countries all around the world. He is able to pay them wages that are generous by local standards, yet still make significant savings for his companies.f driving

His new book, Never Work Again, describes the journey that took him to where he is today and gives the reader guidance on how they can make their own similar journey. The first part of the book is focused on helping readers discover what their passions are – in other words, to discover what it is they want to do and what freedom means for them. The second half of the book is devoted to a series of examples and case studies of online and virtual business models. This information is perfect for anyone who wants to run a home based business, work flexible hours or be able to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

Never Work Again is available as a hardcopy book from Amazon and all major bookstores and is also available from Amazon as a Kindle book.