Most of us thought that in order to achieve success, whatever goals we have in mind, is through hard work. Well…indeed, but how much hard work do we really have to invest? How many painstaking efforts can we make to reach our vision? Most of us would say, a hundred percent.  Well, that is great! But, how does a hundred percent look like in real life?

If we want success we got to need it more than anything. We have to have a sharp focus on our vision and disregard everything else that is stopping us. If we want to achieve something, we should want it so bad that we hardly breathe when reaching it.

Even professionals do not sleep when they are up to something very important to achieve their goal. Although rest is also essential, but not when we are far from the goal line because we might lose vision or fall short while along the way.

When failure is experienced, don’t cry to give up, but cry to succeed. We should never stop because we never know how close we are to success when we give up. Hence, we must keep moving until we reach the top.