Hi, I’m Erlend Bakke and Im an entrepreneur. The reason I’m contacting you is because Im really interested in finding a ghost writer for my book, “Delete Your Work Week”. Basically, escape the 9-5 by outsourcing to the Philippines. This is a sketch of our book cover. I’m looking for somebody that is interested in business but as well as in helping other people achieve their dreams.

I want to write a book which is about helping entrepreneurs leverage other people’s time as well as use cool software to save time so they can add more value in their business. You know most entrepreneurs, they start a business and they got bogged down in the tasks that they never thought they’d be doing when they started a company. That’s actually why most companies fail. 95% of companies that are started fail within the first 5 years. And I want to increase that percentage because I think the work that entrepreneurs do is really important for the world and it actually makes the whole world a better place.


My calling is to actually help entrepreneurs realize their product and their services and dreams. To do that, we have to delete their work week so they have time to add massive value in the places where it really matters.

If it’s that something you want to do and you think and sounds interesting, then please email me. Get in contact with Harrison, my assistant. And i’ll jump into Skype with you and just talk for a couple of hours or half an hour or 10 minutes.

Thank you for watching this and looking forward to hearing from you.

My name is Erlend Bakke. Im the founder of mroutsource.com. Bbye!