Angela Jia Kim of noticed one thing that lot of people do, whether they’re women entrepreneurs or they’re working on projects that take a lot of time and don’t produce immediately results – they leave their projects and they leave before they see the success.

Angela shares a really cool technique that she learned as young child, back when she was a concert pianist and violin student, which is called the Suzuki method. The premise of the philosophy of the Suzuki method is to get a child motivated and have fun practicing everyday. What her mom used to do was give stars after, say, 20 minutes or after an hour or when she perfected her right hand or left hand techniques during practice.

Simply put, her mother gave her little rewards, which suddenly made her feel that she was working towards something fun or something that turned her efforts into a game. She wonders why adults don’t do it, especially when they can do so for themselves, as it is hard to stay always motivated.

She proposes that we practice this simple technique for better motivation. Learn more through this short video.