Welcome to the third piece of the puzzle for making success happen in your life and business.

Step one – Where is the Leverage in your business?
Step two – Believe that you can handle whatever comes = Confidence
Step three – Work with a Mentor

Highway Signpost "Mentorship" In 2012 I invested $30,000,- in mentors and training programs.
In 2013 revenue in my companies increased from $470,000,- to $833,000,- that´s an increase of 77.2%
In my business and life I have found that investing in mentors gives me the best return on investment;

There are three things you can invest in; real estate, the stock market and businesses;

  • Real Estate investments: Up 8%
  • Stocks and Bonds: Up 25%
  • Business Investments: Up 77.2% (Profit was at a record high also)

Investing in a mentor has been my best investment and I find that the more I invest in mentors the better my life gets.
“When the Greek adventurer Odysseus embarked for war with Troy, he entrusted his son, Telemachus to the care of a wise old friend named Mentor. Mentor raised and coached Telemachus in his father´s absence.
But, it was really the goddess Athena disguised as Mentor who counselled the young man through various important situations. Through Athena´s training and wisdom, Telemachus soon became a great hero. “Mentor” helped Telemachus shorten his ladder of success….

Mentorship is the secret of many of the highest-profile achievers throughout history. Socrates mentored young Plato, who in turn mentored Aristotle. Aristotle mentored a young man of the name Alexander, who went on to conquer the know world as Alexander the Great.

From The Karate Kid to Star Wars to The Matrix, adventure stories often adhere to a template in which a protagonist forsake humble beginnings and embark on a great quest. Before the quest heats up, however, he or she receives training from a master: Obi Wan Kenobi. Mr. Miyagi. Mickey Goldmill. Haymitch. Morpheus. Quickly, the hero is ready to face overwhelming challenges. Much more quickly than if he´d gone to light-saber school.”
Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success by Shane Snow
So how do we go about choosing a mentor?

How do we find the person that will be willing to spend his time with you so you can get to the next level?

It´s starts with those exact questions! Who is living what I want in my life and how can I work with them to learn how to make it happen.

The mentor – protege relationship should be based on honesty, passion and vulnerability. The more dedication and passion you show for what you do the more your mentor will want you to succeed and move to the next level of entrepreneurship. The quest starts with asking yourself; “Who do I believe can help me get to the next level?”

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On my Kindle

Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success by Shane Snow
If you liked my book and the 4 Hour Work Week you will love this book! So many of the success principles I apply in my life are well documented in this book. The first chapter talks about LEVERAGE, then modelling and the essential element of having a mentor.

Stats of the Day

Impact of Business Mentoring

  • Entrepreneurs who have mentors end up raising seven times more capital for their businesses, and experience 3.5 times faster growth than those without mentors
  • Mentored businesses increased their revenue by $20,172, or 83% (average revenue at baseline was $24,400) None-mentored businesses increased their revenue by $7,505, or 16% (average revenue at baseline was $45,879)
  • Chess players who trained with coaches increased on average 168 points in their national ratings versus those who didn´t
  • 77% mentored business owners created or retained jobs
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