Almost 77% of people prefer to receive promotions via email. This makes e-mail marketing as one of the most effective means to communicate, especially in business.

How then can you effectively use this tool expand your customer base? We suggest the following techniques to achieve this goal:


1. Offer gifts. Most people expect a “baker’s dozen” (an extra) or a gift for anything they get or do—and email subscribers are no different. A free membership to your club or an eBook can entice them to register or sign-up in your website. Free gifts are a great way to motivate people to action.

2. Make it easy for them. Keep your signup form as clear and uncomplicated as possible. Just getting their e-mail address should be enough information for you to start communicating with them. Save additional information about your reader in your “update your profile” message once the person has subscribed.

3. Make forwarding a breeze. The “forward to a friend” option is is a great way for your customers to send the information their friends in other networks, thus increasing your chance to extend your reach farther and attract more potential subscribers.

4. Attend tradeshows and conferences. Conferences and tradeshows are great venues to meet dozens of prospective customers. Meeting your potential clients in person and exchanging contact information with them make it easier for those individuals to subscribe to your email.

5. Make use social media. Go beyond your website to spread your email subscription form. Include an email sign-up form on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

6. Schedule your sending of e-mails. Temper your urge to “over-sent” messages or follow-ups to your subscribers. Sending e-mails too much too soon may become a nuisance to your prospective clients and delete you altogether from their lists.

7. Make your subject line attract. Most people only read the email subject line before opening or deleting a message. To avoid them doing the latter, your subject line should make them curious enough to open your message and know more about your message. Try using a question or call-to-action phrase in your subject line.

8. Put value in the content of your email. Do not let the content of your email be a “let-down” to your readers. You should be able to write things that justify their attraction to your subject line. Provide your readers a reason to subscribe and keep reading your messages. You can do this by including information that is of value to them. You may tell them of real stories of real clients you have helped; or give them tips on how to do things; or a “click here” feature where you will answer particular issues that concern them—in short, be helpful.


Following these proven tips will help you increase your email subscription in no time at all.