Have you ever had the very embarrassing situation of presenting before a large audience who would not react to your comments or questions? They sit there and stare blankly at you not knowing what is running in their minds? You feel like melting right where you stand on the stage with that nervous grin on your face.


For a blogger, not receiving any comment or reaction from his readers may not be that traumatic since he does not see them or their reactions physically (thanks God). However, it is as frustrating and disappointing experience just the same. It may mean several things: either your blog is so dumb that it is not worth commenting about; or your article is too complicated or not expressed well that it is not understood by your readers; or your content has no value to them at all (therefore a waste of time), or perhaps it is not read at all (ouch!).

Comments or questions from your readers are very useful guide post as on the direction your writing career is headed in your online business. Without them, you grope your way blindly and failure is not a remote possibility.


Receiving comments, especially good ones, on your articles gives you an exhilarating feeling and inspires you to do more. However, not getting any may cause your motivation level to drop that may even push you to abandon blog writing altogether. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips to get more comments to your blog.


• Encourage All your Readers to Comment

At the end of every blog or article you post, do not miss asking your readers to share their thoughts. This is a simple but very effective way to multiply the comments you receive. It is tempting to react to a sentence or two that read in bold text saying “How about sharing your thoughts”?

Do not limit your circle of possible readers who can comment to your website visitors only. Try using the social media where there are unlimited readers who may react to your blogs.


• Recognize Every Comment

Ignoring the comments you receive is a big mistake. Apply the Golden Rule “do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you” — do not disregard your readers’ comments and reaction. It is like starting a conversation with them which you cut abruptly. Take this opportunity to connect with your audience and keep them interested in your work.


• Add a Recent Comments Feature

Everyone wants to be recognized and seeing the printed names (especially with their photos) of your readers on your webpage is a good ego-booster to them. This will further encourage them to comment more or send enquiries. The more they do so, the more they will find themselves featured in your site and may persuade their friends to do the same.


• Enable Your Blog With CommentLuv

I suggest you use CommentLuv blogs in your website. These are WordPress-hosted blogs. Hosted blog is a way of rewarding your blog readers by automatically placing a link to their latest blog post when they comment in your blog articles or post. To know more about CommentLuv blogs which have become popular among bloggers, go to: www.commentluv.com/


Blogging can become more fun and rewarding when you receive comments and questions from your readers. It indicates you are going in the right tract to success as far as your online career is concerned so MAKE ‘EM TALK!