In Tim Ferris’ bestseller, “A 4-Hour Work Week”, he considers Facebook as one of the biggest timewasters we should avoid. However, to most netizens, this is easier said than done. Well, if you are among those social media addicts you cannot control your addiction to visit Facebook several times a day, you may as well use it to your advantage. As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

Did you know that besides socializing, the Facebook is also a very good medium for business? With almost a billion users worldwide, it is ideal for connecting with your clients, prospects, and also for recruiting new ones. However, this service does not allow indiscriminate posting of advertisements, so how would you use it for your business? Here is how:

Be a regular visitor in Facebook. It is primarily a social service so make it a point to show up daily, even for just a few minutes (but being an addict you are, this should be a breeze). Socialize with your fellow users by replying to questions, commenting on pictures they post, and share interesting contents with them. In short, be sociable.

Put Up a Business Page. The Terms of Service of Facebook is very clear as to where businesses are allowed to promote, but definitely, NOT within a personal Profile. To know the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page, visit this site.

If you will ask people to do anything on Facebook to make money, you have to post them within the context of a Facebook Page. To set up a Facebook Page, go here.

Sponsor Contests. Running contests are exciting and tremendous ways to attract visitors. They build up momentum and create additional awareness for your business. However, you must play them strictly by the rules of Facebook. You are not allowed to use any Facebook feature (liking, commenting, etc.) as an entry for a contest. You must use a 3rd party application to administer your contest to do this. For details regarding contents using Facebook, visit this site.

Use Facebook Advertising. Advertising with Facebook can generate additional awareness for your business. Be generous in your approach by giving away something free like an eBook or coupons. These will encourage visitors to click and learn more. For tips on how to run advertisements in Facebook effectively, go to:

Wait, wait. wait. It may take some time to get really exciting results from Facebook but being a Facebook addict, you will not find the waiting very boring. Just go on providing great content. Continue listening to and connecting with others. Make relevant offers that will interest your community. Ask your fellow netizens to share your Facebook Page with their friends. If you have valuable contents to offer, they will surely come for more.

Remember, so as not to make Facebook waste your time, make it a time-worthy venue for your business. Enjoy the best of two worlds by socializing AND earning at the same time!!!