Author of the 1# International Amazon bestseller ‘Never Work Again´

Hi Erlend Bakke here Author of number 1 International Best Seller Never Work Again and founder of I’m on the top of the monument, Monument was raised after the great fire in London a couple of hundred years ago I am not quite sure when.

But a lot of people keep asking me  about this bucket list of mine . How do I do it is it all planned out and structure and organize in the way that I’ve sort set everything in stone  and I’m just doing it? No!  that’s absolutely not, It kinda works more in the terms of when I see something that I wanna do all noted down or I’ll just go  do it that same day something likes learn how to fly a helicopter   I had on my list for a long time  and I will be doing that next Sunday .

Today It’s all about going up the monument which is very famous building here in London . You can see it from anywhere You can also see  Saint Paul just behind here, that’s  Saint Paul also famous building but the big thing today is actually  going up to the London Shard which you see at the background here . Much been able to see the Shard from our flat for the past 1 in half years and you know we always been saying “oh! We should go out  we should go out and I think the lesson there ; if you wanna do something just  go do it  take it than not experience cause you’ll never know when you will be able to do it next and were actually moving to New York in about two weeks  and now we had  to sort and  try to do all the things that we wanted to do for a longer time. Erlend Bakke here signing out from the Monument the next video will be of the London Shard. Thank you for watching and Byebye!