Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again


Hi Erlend Bakke  author of the book  Never Work Again and founder of .

Today I am going to you from New York City, crossing off another thing on my bucket list which is moving to New York City for one year. So in the background here you’ll see the financial district and further up there you’ll see the Empire State building.  So it’s just about 9:40 right now it’s  just been from my morning jog  I done some incantation, stand some from brain work  just to get me focus  for the day.

Behind here you’ll see the New York Traffic and the distance there I think you can see the statue of Liberty. So if you think about it, one of the things I like to do in these videos is actually challenge you to think again how you live your life and maybe to motivate you to make a different choice today and what your doing. What I am wanna challenge you about today if you’re driving to work  every single day spending between 1 to 2 or 3 hours driving to work  then you are actually spending a large amount of your life in your car. So one thing that I usually did when I was spending all the time driving to work was I listened to audio books , I listened to motivational tape self development stuff. I am not really helping program my future it is something you can do if your stock in the job right now and you spend a lot of time in the road.  Don’t just put on the news just to put something you add value to your life. Advertise to your brain basically put on stuff useful for you.

The thing with the traffic what I wanted to show you if your spending 1 or 2 hours a day in traffic for whole year. It’s actually adds up to weeks and months which means you will be spending a long  and large portion of your life in your car. There are always getting out of that you can start a freedom business where you can work from anywhere like I do today. One way to do that is through outsourcing  so you can check  or you can go to work less earn more we offer free videos or  free video training if you want to be an entrepreneurs or if you are an entrepreneur you can also watch the free video training.  So I just wanna challenge to be focus on how you spend your time. Don’t spend your time living in the car; don’t spend years real life in the car basically.  You may have to make some difficult choices to get  the way you want to but overtime it become easier and easier and you can start doing the kind of things that you wanna do. So I just wanted to challenge you in this bucket list video. I challenge myself daily and I actually really appreciate challenges that come my way because I know I can learned something from them when the challenge comes and I learned something and I grow because I learned something and I take action on it I became a better person so that’s how I think and I want to share that with you . Signing out here from New York and it’s time to do some business

Thank you and Byebye!