1Every one dreams of that day when he could live freely to do as he pleases and be productive. But do you know you could make this a reality if you want to? Yes, and you can start today! Here’s how:


  • Free yourself of the social media: It is rather ironic that you, yourself, invite into your lives many things that keep you shackled from doing what you want to do. Modern technology has come with many of the conveniences unheard of less than a generation ago. Unfortunately, it has also brought with it headaches not known by earlier generations — among which is the encroachment of distractions to your day-to-day living. People then seemed to have accomplished more in one day than most people do today…and they actually did! Why? It’s because they were not hampered by online social media that eat most of your otherwise productive hours today.
  • Limit your communications: Time when it took days to send and receive mails so there was plenty of time to attend to other productive activities while waiting for the mailman. However, with the online electronic mails nowadays, messages are exchanged in a wink of an eye! And most have become so addicted to know what is going on every wink of the eye so they keep theirs glued on the monitor screen for hours.  In the meantime, more important tasks are set aside for later time (that never comes).
  • 1Learn to delegate: Assess your activities.  Chances are, many of them are not all important. Pass these minor tasks to others. This way, you will have more time to attend to really productive activities. With the popularity of outsourcing these days, more people have become available to do tasks for you more effectively at much lower expense, both in time and money. Try Mr. Outsource to help you in this.
  • Open your mind to change: Wake up and keep abreast with the times. Every minute counts these days so learn to avail of the modern technologies in order to accomplish your jobs faster, with better efficiency, and more economically. There are hundreds of free software and applications online you could avail of, not to mention the many outsourcing companies who are at your beck and call anytime. These will free you to attend to your more productive tasks. Again, Mr. Outsource is available to assist you.
  • Make inventory of your life: Unclutter your life of things that have become irrelevant to you with the passing of time. These could be physical or emotional things that prevent you from moving on. Get rid of “for-future-use” objects that have been sitting there and occupying precious space for years. The rule-of-thumb is: anything not used for one year should be transferred to the trash bin. This applies as well with files gathering moss in the farthest and obscure section of your computer. Chances are, they have become obsolete by the time you “re-discovered” them. In the meantime, they slowdown your computer as well.
  • 1Live your own life: Waiting for someone to make things happen for you is just an unnecessary waste of your time. The possibility of it ever happening is very remote indeed. People could hold your progress indefinitely depending on their mood or availability.  Also, depending on others can make you fall prey to manipulation. Be “the master of your fate, the captain of your soul” at all times. You may ask for advice or learn from more knowledgeable sources but the final say should be yours. Embrace your own responsibility to set you free to do what you really want to accomplish with your life.

Remember and live by these principles for they can set you free to feel and enjoy the freedom you are dreaming of…now!