With the advent of the computers, we had hoped that the efficient and effortless way of conducting our daily business was here at last. What a disappointment!  We are still neck-deep in an ocean of paper and instead of things getting easier, we have gotten busier and more frenzied than ever before!

The situation has made us feel more frustrated with more burdensome workload piling up. Matters are made worse when we are deluged with boring and routine daily tasks.

pcHowever, let us give credit to the fact that computers have really made it easier for us to perform some office work.  Imagine typing mile-long documents in triplicate using your IBM typewriter and messy carbon papers. As regards performing burdensome tasks (which computers cannot completely alleviate), you can find better ways to accomplish them by coming up with a plan of actions that will save you time, money, and endless irritations.

Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

pcSimplify tasks. Frequent and repetitive tasks such as sending emails, reminders, and daily office forms can be made less burdensome with the use of templates. By simply filling up the blank parts with the specific details will save you a lot of time.

Multiply yourself. Share your tasks with others by delegating responsibilities. You will be hitting two birds with one stone because besides saving you time, you also teach others skills  to do things.

Resort to automation. In similar way to tackle repetitive tasks done daily at the same time, come up with program in your computer to perform this process for you automatically.  Your IT specialist can do this.

Outsource tasks. Another wise option you can take is to outsource the task to a virtual assistant. He/she can do the job for you more efficiently and at lower cost.  Many outsourcing companies such as Mr. Outsource can help you meet your requirements for virtual assistance.

pcGet rid of unnecessary load.  Review your daily routine and eliminate unproductive and time-wasting activities. This process can also save a lot of energy and money. It will free you to concentrate on the more important and productive tasks.

Stay away from distractions. Try to be engrossed and focused on your task on hand with minimum interruptions. Allocate a specific time in the day for your emails, phone calls (unless it is work-related), or social media visits.

Do not hesitate to say NO to others who inconsiderately infringe on your own time. Focus on your own responsibilities first before accepting the requests of others for assistance. You are not obliged to sacrifice your own convenience just to impress others or gain their acceptance.

Respect your limitations and capabilities. Do not accept responsibilities more than you can handle effectively just to impress others, not even your superiors. This may result to burnt outs and may cost you your own productivity and the the quality of your work. Working within your limits ensures more satisfying outcome from your work.

The secret to making your load easier to handle is to come up with strategies like the ones mentioned above.  You can be innovative by thinking of more ways to save time, money, and frustrations in your work.  Necessity is the father of inventions.