If we are looking for our enemy that stops us from achieving our goals, we need not look far. Face the mirror and what we will see is our enemy — Ourselves!

People often limit themselves to what they think they can do. Admittedly, we all have weaknesses that cause us to make mistakes and fail in life. But we can turn the table on them. We have the power to overcome our weaknesses make the mistakes work for us instead of against us. Here is how we can do this.

Let us condition our minds for success. Work on our mindset — adjust it to success! Our brain is a very powerful organ that controls our physical, mental, and emotional faculties. As such, it is possible to condition it to expect and get used to the overall feeling of success by visualization —“the mind over matter” phenomenon. This process will trigger the confidence required for us to achieve what we want. Repeatedly doing this enhances its psychological effect on us until it becomes a habit.

Let us act out the successful feeling. As we proceed working on our goal, let us imitate actors who are expert in role-playing. They internalize the characters in their role until they seem to become the characters they play. When we feel successful, we should act out the part in our speech and mannerisms. Negative words like “I cannot” or “it’s impossible” should not be parts of our day-to-day vocabulary. We should walk tall with our heads held high and smiles pasted on our face. No more of the slouching posture and defeated grimaces on our face. Believe me, this practice have a very profound effect on our psyche and can strongly influence others to be drawn to us.

Let us prepare a script to overcome objections along the way. We should have ready solutions to problems that may arise such as assuring clients that doubt our products. We must anticipate rejections that may shatter the feeling of success we have built within us. If we have a plan ready to face objections and rejection, we will be less likely to risk saying something detrimental or giving the wrong impression. It may not be possible to be prepared for every possible hitch in our plan but we can bank on our expertise and outside resources to anticipate common objections and negative responses. With a plan of action at hand, we are ready to face the unexpected and we can avoid panic.



Let us review and adjust. Once we have done the task we are set to do, let us review how it went. Let us see if we got the result we wanted. If we did, let us analyze what we did right to help us succeed and use it in our other projects. If we failed, let us not be discouraged. Rather, identify our mistakes and think of to solve or avoid them in the future. We should consider these mistakes as guide posts that show us the right path to take towards the successful achievement of our goals. Put ourselves in the right mindset and use our own as well as outside resources’ expertise to give ourselves the best possible chance of success to get what we want.