I have been on two awesome Workations;

  1. To Florida to join a crazy gang of internet marketers
  2. To speak at Oklahoma University to a group of entrepreneurs

What is a workation?
It´s when you combine work and a vacation of course 🙂
I do this all the time, in fact I spend about 6 months a year living the freedom lifestyle on a workation.
I´m back in NYC and as we say in Norway;”It´s great to go on trips, but best home.”
I just realized that does not translate at all!!! Probably Scandinavian humor…

Why do some entrepreneurs make a lot of money and have free time?
It´s called leverage.


To really understand leverage I would like to mention a Japanese man who broke all records of the American Hot Dog Eating competition, by beating the existing world record of 25 hot dogs in 12 minutes to 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Sounds weird already, right?

Hear the full story, you’ll love it.

Kobayashi came from the humble family of a Buddhist monk. Finding it hard to pay the rent, his wife sent him to a local eating competition to win $5000. Kobayashi had a regular build, and an average appetite.

His only advantage was that he had studied game theory and had a mind for finding optimal ways of doing things.Winning the local competition was easy. He paid the rent and still had some money leftover.

Kobayashi got addicted to the idea of winning such competitions. Then, he discovered that Americans were obsessed with these competitions and decided he needs to go to Cony Island to win the world’s biggest hot dog eating competition.

He was so determined, that he took couple of months off to diligently understand the “hot dog”, and how to eat it in an optimized way.

Fast forward to Cony Island, where he trumped the world record—not only that, he went on to break his record by winning the championship 6 times. He used the same method, to win it for eating noodles, eating hamburgers etc.

What did Kobi discover? What was it that could get him to not only do it once but 6 times across different competitions?

It turns out, that most competitors just gulped down hot dog after hot dog, using water to make it easier to swallow. Instead, Kobi chose to focus on understanding how it all worked and what was the most optimal way of doing it.

Here was his system.

Kobi would break the hot dog into two pieces, take out the sausage and eat it, dip the bread in water (which had some vegetable oil in it, helping it to slip down his throat) squeeze together the buns and swallow everything.

Now remember this is a tiny man compared to his competition. All he really had was a strategy and an eye for most efficient way to eat.

You might be wondering, what this has to do with your business or marketing.

It’s simple, Kobi’s system isn’t just used for winning food eating competitions.

It’s a system for winning at anything.

First, you understand the system. You need to break down each element of it, and master them to gain success.

Spend every morning for the next month thinking about where is the leverage in your business and you will make a lot more money faster.

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This book has simple strategies that all online entrepreneurs can use to leverage their business. I´m honoured to be one of the experts interviewed in the book.

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Digital Strategies for Marketers in 2015


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  • 56% of digital marketers cited email marketing as the most effective program for retaining customers.
  • 60% of all Internet use is now via mobile devices, institutions will seek to redesign their corporate sites using the technique of responsive design
  • 19% of people used mobile phone banking at least once in the past 12 months with 90% checking an account balance or recent transaction.
  • Firms saw a 31% year-over-year growth in social media marketing, which is significantly above average.
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