As time goes by, we cannot but help accumulating things as we go on with our lives. These could be material we hoard in our basements or ideas we keep in our attic above—our heads. Some of these are worth keeping but most are things we do without or should even have to get rid of because they are not just useless, some are even harmful to us.

In the case of bloggers like us, we have acquired some misconceptions or limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving our goal of earning online. Bear in mind the Law of Attraction: we attract to ourselves what we think.

These are 3 common myths about blogging we must get rid of if we are to move forward in our career as online writers or bloggers:

  • Online Business is Not for Me Admittedly, doing business online may not suit every Tom, Dick, and Harry (which is true with any kind of business) but if you begin with this thought, online business will never be for you. If you convince yourself at the start that you will never make money online, the Law of Attraction will not fail you of your expectation. On the contrary, if you ditch negative expectation, you might just be among the guys who are earning like the following: earns $ 365,000 earns $ 615,000 earns $ 292,000
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  • Blogging is Requires Too Much Effort Let us face it, “nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could”. No business can give you money if you do not invest in it, be it in cash or effort. Blogging, just like any business, is no way any different. Whether you earn your living working 8 to 5 daily or running your own restaurant or blogging online, you must flex your muscles or gray matter for you to be compensated. The advantage of working online is that your time is flexible, you have no one to dictate on you on what or when to do things, and your earning capability is commensurate to the time and effort you pour into it.
  • I Am Not That Good in Writing When you surf the net for information or earning opportunities, do you look for works from a literary genius or compositions that win literary awards? So are those readers who hope to earn or share their ideas or are looking for solutions to their problems. Readers do not expect you to write dissertations in flawless English—they just do not care about that. Minor grammatical or topographical errors are easily ignored. The contents of your blogs are what matter most and are remembered by readers. Use simple language you normally use in actual conversation. This is the language of the internet which is easily understood by majority of its users. Maybe keeping a dictionary and a thesaurus is helpful not to use for high sounding and exotic vocabulary but to look for their simpler and easy to understand synonyms. Having ditched these myths about blogging, what are you waiting for? Start making money online NOW!