We all have this yearning to become fit physically and mentally. This video shows how past accomplishments in getting fit encouraged a man named Cameron to document his fitness journey in 12 weeks. He shared his physique and his background before he began this documentary. When he was at the university, he was part of their rowing team and he has been quite successful in keeping his weight under 160 lbs. while competing in various competitions.

So he shared some of his success as a rower before where he got medals for being among the top 5 of most of his competitions. In short, being an athlete means he had been very successful at keeping his ideal weight for almost 5 years. What changed is that he had been engaged for a while but they broke up. That resulted to him getting depressed for 2 years and when he became depressed, he stopped training and didn’t care about his weight anymore and actually gained over 40 lbs. in 2 years. That’s why, he wants to get back on his feet again now and is actually getting successful at losing excess weight gradually.

Watch how Cameron turned his weight gain into something to be motivated about in this video. Who knows, you will be encouraged to man up to your weight problems and actually start doing about it.