Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Hi, Erlend Bakke here founder of and author of the International best-seller “Never Work Again”.

Today I am crossing off for another cool thing on my bucket list which is flying a helicopter. The helicopter behind here, I will be flying here today and it will be pretty interesting, it’s pretty windy today and what they said inside after signing off the form they basically says they have no risk in anything happens. They just said it’s gonna make it much more interesting. So let’s see how a flying a helicopter is done. It’s one of my bucket list since I had a bucket list, it’s just always been there. I just wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter ever since I watched “Airwolf” actually back in the 80’s. Okay, stay tune

So, just flew the helicopter I had an amazing time. I really recommend it to do things that you always wanna do or else you find you never do it. And yeah Erlend Bakke here founder of the and author of the Best Selling book “Never Work Again”. Thank you for watching byebye.