Know the responses to questions sent in by entrepreneurs with this video.

What are the Most Important Lessons you’ve learned as an Entrepreneur?

The first important lesson I have learned as an entrepreneur is that Life is Long. You don’t have to succeed immediately. You don’t have to build a company and then earn millions for the first year and a half. As a younger entrepreneur, you have 40-50 years to succeed in business and achieve whatever goals you want within those years. It’s absolutely fine to not have instant success as long as you are moving towards your goal.

Another practical lesson for entrepreneurs is that you have to be doing what you absolutely love. Go for something you are passionate about. Ask yourself what are the things that you want to do and that make you happy. When you determine that, you can then go on and find ways on how to make money from it.

You should also know your core motivation; it can’t be about the money only. It hasn’t just to be about the money. For me, it has to be about giving something to the rest of the world. And while you are helping others, you are also earning a living out of your passion. Profiting from the thing you love doing the most is indeed highly satisfying.

How about you? Do you have lessons to share for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?