As you join one online website to another, you have created so many passwords by now, you already lose count. What makes it even harder is that it is imperative to keep these kind of information a secret, only you can know. You suggest using a general password for all websites but we all think that’s not a good idea nor jotting all of them in one place. It’s too risky. If only there’s a secured way to keep all our passwords together. If only there’s a way to remind us of them every time we’re in that log in page. If only there’s a way to take these frustrations away.


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Great news, my friends! LastPass software is finally here to our rescue. LastPass software is a very helpful password management tool promising us “the last password you’ll ever remember” service. LastPass provides a secure system that stores and remembers passwords for you making web browsing easy and definitely secure.

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Here are 6 best reasons why you should use LastPass:

  • Free – It’s free to use on all your computers.
  • Simple – You don’t need to have a super great memory to use LastPass.
  • Safer – Trust issues? Not with LastPass. Businesses and partnerships for years are using LastPass.
  • Secure – All information are encrypted in your computer. You and no one else can unlock.
  • Everywhere – Not at home? Not at your computer? You can still access LastPass at any computer.
  • Multi-Platform – Mac, Windows, or Linux user can enjoy LastPass


How to use LastPass:

Download LastPass software applicable to the web browser you always use on browsing the web: chrome, mozilla, internet explorer, etc. Once you have downloaded it, it will ask you one, yes, just one MASTER PASSWORD you will have to remember for the rest of your life. You will also use this master password to log in to your LastPass account. Use LastPass password generator to create unique passwords for you. To learn more about LastPass, please visit them at