2014Despite the effort you exerted to attain all your dreams, 2013 has left you with some of them yet unfulfilled. As a gift to you for 2014, here are the keys to empower you and enable you to live a more successful life this year.

Define your goals clearly.  Although you might have formulated some goals in your mind in 2013, perhaps you failed to identify them clearly. Merely saying, “I want to be successful” or “I plan to earn several hundred of thousand this year” is not enough.  These are too vague to create solid impacts in your mind to move you to definite directions. If you plan to be successful, specify how and in what area of your life you want to be so. If you want to rake in money, be specific of the amount and the plan of action to take to earn this much.

 Listen to the advice successful people. Choose role models whose lives and techniques automationare worth emulating.  Read books they wrote or are written about them. You need not be a clone of them (you shouldn’t) but select their qualities that fit well with your own individual character. This is similar to being a franchisee that has a ready-made blueprint for success. Choose the company of successful people and exchange views and experiences with them. Remember: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Be innovative. Look at familiar things from different angles.  This is clearly demonstrated in the burger business.  Why is it that in a row of burger stalls, some succeed while others close shop? The secret most often lies in how their burgers are presented to the consumers. A small dash of this and a little twist of that can make a world of difference in their business. Have the courage to take the “path untrodden” and take calculated risks if you must.

flowLearn by doing. Put into action what you have learned in theory. This is the best way to improve your skill on anything. Do not allow knowledge to just stagnate in your mind where it remains an intangible concept. Benefit from it by making it practical and applicable to your life.

Remember your accomplishments. However, do not rest on them.  They should only help you boost your confidence but must not make you complacent. They are especially handy on days when you feel discouraged. They can help you to keep you going.

Keep a daily plan. Sometimes, your goal, although achievable, may seem daunting. When youcost efficient feel overwhelmed, breakdown your goal into smaller do-able chunks.  Set a mini goal each day.  A chain of successful goals will slowly build up your confidence to do more the next day. Having a plan for each day helps spend your time and energy wisely.

Monitor your progress. It can happen that due to your engrossment in working on small goals daily, you may lose sight of your ultimate target and stray far off from it.  To ensure this will not happen, monitor your progress regularly in relation to your original goal. Straying too far off can be a costly waste of time.

automationCast away negative thoughts. During the course of your journey towards your goal, doubts and other negative thoughts may creep in. Identify them early before they grow bigger and sabotage your plan. Replace them immediately with positive and productive thoughts. Consult qualified mentors to coach you back to your track.

Overcome hurdles as they come. Act promptly on obstacles before they accumulate and overwhelm you. It is easier to put out little fires now than a huge conflagration later. Do not be discouraged by these problems. Treat them as learning tools instead of setbacks. Each minor problem you solve adds up to your self-confidence, a vital factor to the achievement of your goal.

flowVenture out of your comfort zone. An occasional trip from your comfort zone will cause you to flex your mental and emotional muscles to some degree. The experience will help you mature and develop a stronger character. This will boost your confidence and prepares you to meet bigger challenges. You need this strength get you closer to your goal faster.

With these keys, you can open the door to a better and more successful life in 2014.  Good luck!