I just arrived in the Norwegian mountains for a 14 day stretch of holiday. Not a workation, a holiday! A workation is when you travel to a destination you always have wanted to go and do some business and holiday at the same time. Workation! It´s also a 50% tax saving because you can expense the trip on your company! This is one of the many benefits of owning a corporation. The benefit of building a team is that I know that I can relax, enjoy my time away and make the same amount of money as if I was working. That´s what I call the power of TEAM.

I just came back from a swim in quite cold water (hence the wetsuit 3-6 degrees). For the first time in my life I swam across the lake at our cabin. All my life I have been told that “I must never cross the lake without the support of a boat.” I crossed the lake, but was not fit enough to swim all the way back! This left me stranded on the others side and had to hitch a ride back! (The picture is of me before I started swimming!)

Erlend_Faith Have you ever taken on to much and felt utterly exhausted? Let´s just say I was not properly prepared for the swim and I thought I would make it with no problems.
I find that this is what happens with most entrepreneurs and that´s why I´m working on my Hardcore MBA program while I´m here. I want to create a program for entrepreneurs that trains our body, mind and soul so we are ready to take on the challenges that come in business and life.

Opportunity and fortune favors the prepared!
I´m creating the course that I wish I had access to 8 years ago and it´s coming along nicely! For now I encourage you to listen to this interview with Ex. Navy Seal Brandon Webb

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Endurance: Shackletons Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing
Finding business hard? Read this book to put your struggle in perspective. This book is really well written and describes how important team and leadership is in life threatening situations.

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