1In most endeavours that bank on creativity, it is a considered a major disaster when the creative juice slows down to a trickle or worse— stops! Panic sets in fearing what the Holy Scriptures says, You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavour …..It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless— a virtual death sentence to writers, artists, and hobbyists whose lives depend on their creativity.

But take heart folks! All is not really lost forever for creativity could be recovered with the following tips:

  • Relax

If you allow panic to take hold of your senses, your brain’s wiring goes haywire and clear vthinking becomes impossible. This will just worsen the situation and leaves your mind blank.Instead, take several deep breaths, calm down, and relax. Unwind by taking a refreshing stroll in the park or on the beach. You may also choose to visit the gym. Some muscle flexing can release the stress and tensions within you. This will rejuvenate your mind so that creativity will start to flow.

  • 1 Meditate

Silent contemplation is a powerful tool to calm you down. It clears your mind by focusing only on the present moment, pushing out the past with its problems and the future with its anxieties. Learn other mind-relaxing practices like yoga or Zen. They have a safe and effective effect on your brain better than tranquilizers and other drugs.

  • Write

Putting your ideas in writing as they pop up in your head triggers your brain back to activity again. Do not leave your thoughts and ideas floating on air where they can dissipate fast.  Capture them fast and make them tangibles by transforming them to written words.

  • Make a List of Ideas

Keep a list handy when ideas dry up (and they usually do every now and then). You can build up a list as you surf the internet, read books and magazines, and when listening to others in seminars or private conversations. You will never know when you could use these topics you pick up along the way. Reading your fellow bloggers’ articles is also a good way to pick out old ideas which you can refurbish to create new ones.

  • 1Be Kind to Yourself

Constantly pushing yourself to the limit can work against you. This may make you start doubting yourself and your own capabilities. This is serious because besides stopping your creativity, you may also lose your self-respect and self-confidence. Do not expect too much from yourself too soon. Accept you limitations and take your time to improve on them. Wait for your dried-up mind to start filling up again with ideas. It surely will.

  • Listen to Music

It used puzzle people before how listening to music, especially belonging to the classical genres, can uplift the spirit and trigger creativity. It is not until recently that studies have proven that there is scientific explanation to this phenomenon. The brain’s creativity and performance increases from the positive effects of certain frequencies known as iscochronic tones and binaural beats. These frequencies emitted by certain types of music or sound increases the thinking and creative functions of the brain.

These subliminal types of music can now be downloaded to your computers so you can listen to them as you work.

  • Go for Novelties 1

Do not be afraid to embrace new ideas and try new things. They are an effective way to revive and trigger the dormant creative spirit in you. Perhaps, you have gotten used to your old ideas that they begin to fail to activate your creativity. Fresh ideas and novelties could re-awaken your spirit.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Do not aim for perfection too soon or you are bound to get disappointed and frustrated prematurely. However, working for it gradually by constant practice is the best way to eventually achieve it. Keep on writing or doing your artistic activities even during those dry periods when doing so feels like a struggle. Do this until writing becomes almost a second nature to you and creativity flows almost automatically. Habits are nature’s way of making seemingly impossible tasks achievable. Avail of them for your advantage.

These tips are sure to help you jumpstart your creativity.  Do not let your creative spirit stagnate for long. The sooner you practice them, the faster will your creative juice start to flow.  Good luck!